Report on the Creation of the Council of the Eagle and the Condor
Responsible: Mindahi Bastida


Elder brothers and sisters, spiritual authorities from original nations of Abya Yala, the American continent, gathered in the Yucatan Peninsula, México from April 28 to May 9, 2021 to conform the Grand Council of the Eagle and the Condor. Its creation materializes the first of four Earth Mandates that were given to the Mamos from Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, in May, 2013.

This coming together of the Elders was possible thanks to much spiritual preparation and also thanks to financial and logistical support from organizations that came together unconditionally in response to Mother Earth. The organizations are Grounded, The Fountain for the Natural Order of Our Existence, Earth Timekeepers, International Council on Environmental Economics and Developments (ICEED) and Corporación Nueva Humanidad.

Most of the meetings and ceremonies were held at the Ceremonial Center the New Humanity in Chichimilá, very close to Valladolid, in the state of Yucatán.

Sacred fire ceremonies and talking circles were carried out to make decisions, to clear the way and to talk about the work to be developed, respecting the consensus and participation of all who attended in person (see Annex for the agenda of visits to sacred places and work carried out).

The Grand Council
The Grand Council has arisen in response to one of the Four Mandates of Mother Earth received in May 2013 in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. The Four Earth Mandates are:

1) Create a Grand Council (Council of 52)

2) Protect Biocultural Sacred Sites. Reactivating sacred sites of biocultural value is a first step in the demarcation of territories with biocultural value.

3) Create Houses of Original Thought. To build houses of original thought in the places of origin of the members of the Great Council for the revitalization of the knowledge and practices of ‘Living Well’.

4) Promote Intercultural Exchange. To open spaces for dialogue where our philosophies and worldviews are recognized and respected and where concrete initiatives are built in accordance with existing legal instruments, such as ILO Convention 169 and the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The conformation of the Grand Council is fundamental to help humanity return to life in harmony with Mother Earth, and also for communities and families to commit to living according to the original instructions of ancestral wisdom.

It is a spiritual authority and guide from the Original Nations, and as such it must be recognized. Its message must be heard throughout the world.

The Council will be recognized by the Original Nations and their institutions, and it will respond to their needs and those of Mother Earth.

In addition, the Council will be recognized by institutions of national states as an entity or subject of law.

This Council is made up of three concentric circles:

The first comprises 7 representatives from all regions of the Abya-Yala continent (Turtle Island or America). The second one will include the 7 and bring 6 members from bioregions of the other continents so to complete 13; it will be consolidated next year 2022. Each member of the 13 will then choose three more from their region so to complete 52 members by 2025. As a whole, the Grand Council will be represented by the bioregions of ancestral native nations around the world.

The first Circle is called the Council of the Eagle and the Condor – Council of Seven. It was formed in May 2021 at the Ceremonial Center of Chichimilá, Yucatán, Mexico by: Tata Wanka Inti (Peru), Lawentuchefe Francisca Calfin (Chile), Tata Cristóbal Cojti (Guatemala), Tata Mindahi Bastida, Chief Ninawa Huni Kui (Brazil) , Tata Mike Abisoontse Giisis (Canada), Mama Vivian Camacho (Bolivia).

This Council is strengthened thanks to Knowledge Keepers (Amautas) who will collaborate in different teams. They are: Tata Julio and Nana Yani (Mexico), Tata Emilio Guadalupe (Yucatán, México), Tata Puma and Mama Teresa (Ecuador), Tata Marcelo (Bolivia), Tata Armando (Mexico), Tata Jorge (New Mexico), Mama Emma (Argentina), Diana Uqualla (United States).

Mamo Manuel and his son Narciso from the sacred Kogui Peoples of Colombia accompanied us guided by the wisdom and clarity about the importance of the birthing of the Grand Council.

Council Commitments:

Among the main functions of the Council are: to prepare proposals, declarations and positions on respect for the Rights of Mother Earth for high-level meetings such as the UN, COP on Climate Change, COP on Biodiversity (CBD). In addition, it will work in promotion and awareness campaigns on the following topics: Biocultural Territories, First Nations, Humanity – Nature and Mother Earth interconnected; at the local, regional and global level.

For this year the Grand Council is planning to be at the Conference of the Parties of the World Climate Summit (COP26). The Council intends to provide guidance and recommendations for decision makers on biodiversity, climate change and other issues that are of extreme interest to guarantee the integrity of their territories as well as the self-determination of their peoples in accordance with Treaty 169 of the International Labor Organization – ILO.

Annex 1. Agenda


Wednesday April 28

Arrival of guests in Cancun, transfer to the Beachscape Kin Ha hotel
Ceremony by Sea shore at sunset.
6:30 pm Dinner

Thursday April 29

12 noon Departure to Valladolid – (2 hours of travel)
3pm Check-in at Quinta Regia Ecohotel
4pm – 6pm Break
6:30 pm Buffet dinner. Welcome and Agenda Review
Greetings from Nana Emma Aleman, Nana Panchita Calfin and Tata Marcelo Zaiduni.

Friday April 30

8:30 – 9:30 Breakfast at the hotel
8:00 – 10:00 Covid Test
10:00 am Visit to Cenote San Lorenzo Oxman
2:00 pm Lunch at the Ecohotel
3:00 – 5:30 Working Session
6:00 pm Dinner

Saturday 1 May

7:30 – 8:30 Breakfast at Ecohotel
8:30 am Departure to Chichén Itzá
(we were denied entry)
2pm Lunch at Puerta Chichen
4pm – 7 pm Temazcal and ceremony at Puerta Chichen
8:30 pm Dinner

Sunday May 2

9:30 am Departure to the Ceremonial Center of Chichimilá
10:30 Beginning of the lighting of the Sacred Fire by Tata Armando
11am – 1:30 pm Nomination of 7 Elders
2pm Lunch in Chichimilá
3:30 pm – 5pm Promise and Words of the Elders at the Sacred Fire
6pm Return to the Ecohotel
6:30 pm Dinner

Monday May 3

7am Ceremony of blessing of staffs by Mamo Manuel
9am Departure to Cobá
11:00 – 1pm Connection exercise with the sacred site
2:30 pm Lunch
4pm Return to Ecohotel
6:30 pm Dinner

Tuesday May 4

9:30 am Departure to the Ceremonial Center of Chichimilá
10:30 Delivery of offerings and reflections to the Sacred Fire
11:00 – 1pm
2pm Lunch
3pm – 5:30 pm Discussion
6pm Return to Ecohotel

Wednesday May 5

9:00 am Departure to Uxmal Pyramid
(access was denied)
Registration at Hotel Uxmal
3:00 pm Working session – SWOT Analysis
6:30 pm Dinner at Hotel Uxmal

Thursday 6th May

12:00 pm Ceremony at the sacred site of the ancestors in Uxmal
1pm lunch in Izamal
3pm Arrival at Ecohotel
3pm Break
6:30 pm Dinner. Entrustment of Mamo Manuel for the care of the staffs

Friday May 7

9:30 am Departure to the Ceremonial Center of Chichimilá
10:00 am Offering to the Sacred Fire and delivery of staff to Tata Cristobal
11:00 am Ceremonial farewell and givaway
2pm Lunch
6pm Return to Ecohotel and Dinner

Saturday May 8

8:00 am Amauta (Knowledge keeper) appointment ceremony by tree
9:00 am Departure to Cancun (2 hours)
12:00 pm Arrival in Cancun, at the Beachscape Kin Ha hotel and Work Session
1pm Lunch
3pm First Departure to the Airport

Sunday May 9

Departure to airport by group