Our vision is for the Great Council of spiritual authorities from all the bioregions of the world to be constituted by 2025, allowing for collective action towards a more sustainable and spiritually grounded world.


Our mission is to fulfill the five mandates of Mother Earth, which are essential for creating a harmonious and balanced relationship with the natural world.

Five Mandates of Mother Earth
1. Creation of the Grand Council of Indigenous Spiritual Elders
2. Protection and reactivation of Sacred Sites
3. Building Houses of Original Wisdom
4. Promoting Intercultural Dialogue and Exchange
5. Strengthening Biocultural Territories


We express deep gratitude to the energy that has led us to the sacred Maya soil, which is a response to the call and prayer of our people who have sustained the courage and loving care of the sacred places and Mother Land through ancestral strength and ceremonies. As the Grand Council, we recognize that we were born as a tender sprout from the heart of Mother Earth, nurtured by the seeds that our ancestors planted centuries ago for a dignified life with love and respect for all forms of life. We approach our work with sensitivity and a commitment to share our path in love and solidarity with humanity.
We also extend our blessings and prayers to all sister and companion organizations that have facilitated our face-to-face meeting in Mexico. We ask for strength and courage to walk together in harmony and respect with the Heart of Mother Earth.
We express our gratitude to each brother and sister who, with their simplicity, affection, and wisdom, work every day for the restoration of harmony and balance in the world.
Finally, we greatly appreciate the Committee of Supporting Organizations, including Financial Support – Grounded (Julia Jackson), Operational Support – The Fountain (Jyoti), Logistical and Moderation Support – Earth Timekeepers (Jorge Garcia and Geraldine), and Spiritual and Technical Support from the International Council on Environmental Economics and Developments (ICEED) (Ken Kitatani). Without their help, this meeting would not have been possible, and we are grateful for their contribution to our shared vision.