March 21th, 2023

Photographs: Yoselin Rondan

Pacha Puquy Killa Festival

The autumn equinox is not only a change of season, but the passage from feminine time to masculine time, the passage to the great maturation of the fruits of the nurturing of life, also known as the Pacha Puquy Killa. The celebration at this time is called the Pawkar Raymi, a festival of flowering and the ritual of raising life as thanks to the Pachamama, Mamakilla, Tayta Inti.

In this new time that began on March 21, a space of wisdom opens, which is why a traditional festival was held on March 20, where grandparents from different communities attended the Waka Tawlichuko located in front of the Plaza de Armas from Lima from 07:00 hours.

Permission was requested to start the celebration, thanks were also heard from all the people leaving their respective coca leaves. After that, they headed towards the Rímac river, where they deposited offerings such as coca, chicha de jora and flowers.

The activity culminated with dances and flourishes for the people attending the Waka Tawlichuko.