Thursday, December 22, 2022

Lima, Peru

Travelers gather at the Oracle of Pachakamaq

On December 21, the summer solstice occurred in the southern hemisphere, marking the beginning of the summer season. It is a day when the greatest difference in duration between day and night occurs, and sunlight illuminates the Earth in such a way that it falls directly perpendicular to the inhabitants of the southern hemisphere.

This phenomenon helps to increase the sensation of heat during the day, increasing sources of water, the return of rain, and the blossoming of plants.

Offering presented to the Fire

New members of the community

For this reason, on Thursday, December 22, the Qhapaq Inti Raymi was held, a ceremony of celebration to thank the sun for its maximum splendor and to offer to Pachamama for a new planting period, marking the change from one time to another in the cycle of life. The aim was to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and keep the ancestral culture alive.

The activity took place at Waca Pachakamaq, a sacred place for over a thousand years, where walkers and pilgrims from the four directions (Chinchaysuyu, Kollasuyu, Kontisuyu, Antisuyu) come to present their respective offerings.


It should be noted that this astronomical event occurs twice a year (June – December) and usually takes place between the 21st and 22nd of the respective months.

Photographs: Yoselin Rondan Reyes