Wednesday, March 09th, 2023

Dahab, Egypt

The Cultural COP was an incredible experience that enriched my life on so many levels. I was amazed by the EarthRise Initiative, which brought together similar messages from all the participants in the group. Respectful listening, ceremony, and sharing created a mechanism of truth that strengthened the movement of Indigenous Peoples for the future. The fundamental truths and teachings shared by people from all around the world reaffirmed the essence of our understanding that we are one small part of Creation, bound by the natural and universal laws of the Earth.

During the four-day gathering in Dahab, Egypt, we prepared for the larger gathering at COP 27 by climbing the sacred mountain of Mount Sinai. This epic journey in ceremony helped fortify the endless work of grassroots and traditional peoples around the world, as we come together for the sacred work of our Mother Earth. The sacred circle we formed became the foundation of our movement forward, as we shared our experiences with other Indigenous groups in attendance.

We are not only a voice that those in power do not wish to hear, but we are also a voice that is misrepresented to the world as meaningless participants.

It is becoming clear that our cultural knowledge and sacred insights are being exploited for the purpose of commodity and profiteering. Despite the forces of division and control that tried to inundate us, we returned to the established truths that we embodied in our sacred circle. As we empower ourselves and the foundations of our truths, we aim to create a canoe that travels upon the waters of integrity and clarity, where the whispers of the Earth can be heard without.

Our decision to move forward in this way is not foreign to the people of the Earth. It is embedded in the Prophecies around the world that come into alignment with all the messages that our relatives continue to reiterate. As we empower ourselves and our truths, may the energy of this small event move into the hearts, minds, and spirits of people for future generations that depend upon our profound doing.

Mike Nadjiwon