The Five Mandates of Mother Earth

1. Creation of the Grand Council of Indigenous Spiritual Elders

In 2013, indigenous spiritual authorities from all over the world gathered in Sierra Nevada, Colombia, to listen to Mother Earth for a way out of the world and civilizational crises. They were reminded that all beings, including celestial bodies, are integral components of life systems, and must be taken into account to recover balance and harmonization with Mother Earth. The Mother also reminded them that, when the Eagle Peoples were to meet with the Condor Peoples, the Unification Process and the New Dawn would begin. According ancient Mesoamerican timekeeping, a period of thirteen years began in 2013 to enable humanity to get ready for the New Dawn in 2026. This preparation requires all cultures to unify with Mother Earth through the Original Instructions. This is best known as the Unification Process.

Mamo Manuel teaches sacred chanting to the members of the Great Council of the Eagle and the Condor. Mamo Manuel, the spiritual guide of the Great Council of the Eagle and the Condor, explains how he was able to deliver a message to the sacred spirits of the Chichen Itza Pyramid, despite the guardians initially preventing members of the Great Council from accessing the pyramid. In this reflection, the Mamo teaches how to communicate with the spirits and the Mother of all beings. He also collects the breath of the members of the Great Council and entrusts them to be offered to the Senior Counselor, Mindahi Bastida. All of this took place during the installation period of the Great Council in Yucatan, Mexico, in May 2019. Credits: Filming by Wanka Inti (Gersom Paredes).

2. Care for Sacred Sites

Mother Earth’s mandate to Protect Mother Earth is being addressed through the work called Helping Mother Earth Heal and Balance and Protecting Biocultural Sacred Sites.

This Earth Mandate aims to heal and reactivate Sacred Sites around the world, helping Mother Earth and Nature in her recovery of spiritual and ecological balance. Spiritual Leaders from Mesoamerica and La Sierra Nevada, Colombia are in charge of carrying out this mission which has been under way since 2013. Needless to say that we, as native peoples in our cultural regions, have been working on this purpose since immemorial time.

In 2015, a group of wise Kogi and Otomi-Toltec elders, men and women, made consultations about where to begin their visits to Sacred Sites. Fukushima had recently come dangerously out of balance, so they began their work by delivering payments in Mount Fuji (Japan), Mount Etna (Italy) and Four Corners (USA). These are three equidistant energetic points along the same belt of our Mother Earth and are directly interconnected.

3. Build Houses of Original Thought

The Houses of Original Thought provide a space for the sharing of ancestral wisdom. We envision the establishment of, as a first phase, thirteen Houses of Original Thought within Indigenous Peoples territories in the Americas and then 13 others in every continent.

Topics addressed in the houses are healing practices and techniques, ancestral timekeeping knowledge, ritual calendars, weather forecasting practices, astronomical almanacs, sacred geographies, among others. Community members integrate practices and knowledge about their biocultural regions in videos, books and interactive educational materials.

Furthermore, the Houses of Original Thought allow Indigenous Peoples to engage others in intercultural dialogue. These may be school teachers, political and institutional leaders, religious leaders and representatives of other cultures.

4. Promote Intercultural Exchange

We promote interfaith (inter-spiritual) and intercultural dialogue to address the Doctrine of Discovery and to join efforts in demanding the rescinding of Papal Bulls affecting Indigenous Peoples and Mother Earth. We also create spaces for truth and conciliation processes in regard to exploited peoples and regions in Mother Earth.

We participate and/or organize in academia, UN events (including COP on Climate Change) and intercultural and interfaith events for the purpose of promoting, Original Instructions, Ecocide as a crime, Earth Ethics, the importance of Biocultural Sacred Sites, the principles of Good Living (Vivir Bien), and Mother Earth’s Rights – Rights of Nature in local, national aand international arena.

We maintain a follow up of Indigenous Peoples events, like Unity Earth, IPPF-UN, Parliament of World Religions, and other related events. We identify opportunities for wise voices from young and elder indigenous people to be heard in national and international forums and decision-making arenas.

5. Strengthen biocultural territories

Biodiversity can be defined as the biological and cultural diversity connected to each other, it is the local knowledge and practices, all the wealth of the regions which are transmitted from generation to generation.

It is urgent that we take into our hands, as a Council, with authority and self-determination, the actions and implementation of the mandates of Mother Earth. Due to the above, it is necessary for the defense of the biocultural territories of the native peoples of the Continent and the world to move from mere public denunciation to legal denunciation. A team of lawyers is needed to carry out this defense.